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Student Illustrative Arts at PXL-MAD.


Create a Typography 2019 - 2020

An assignment about creating your own typography. There were no real limits as to what you could and couldn't use, as long as the end result was successive.

A Typography of Garden Tools

With 'A Typography of Garden Tools' I simply used garden tools that were laying around in my garden and tool cabinet. The idea itself is quite simple but because of its simplicity, it's quite easily overlooked. I used a variety of tools and other items to create five different letters that created the word 'PJOVT'. The following picture shows the end result, along with different possible combinations. A Typography of Garden Tools.jpg

A Typography of Mice

With 'A Typography of Mice' I chose a darker and more morbid route. One day while I was cooking, my cat came in and put a dead mouse next to my feet. Of course, I wasn't too happy at first about this unsuspected surprise. As I was taking the mouse outside to bury it, it suddenly came to me. What if I used the dead animals my cats bring me to create a dark and twisted typography, but apply bright and happy colors along with it as a surreal and childlike contrast? That is exactly what I ended up doing. First, I took pictures of the animals. Secondly, I removed the backgrounds. As the last step, I used chalk to manually add the colors to create the letters, but to show the end result on ArtValvas, I used digital paint. Although this idea was of course, very circumstantial. I don't choose when and if my cats take home a friendly neighborhood critter so I can take a picture of it. But in the end, I was in luck. The mice and rats, not so much. The following image shows the end result of what I, and my cats, created. And don't worry, the animals were buried after the pictures were taken. Rest in peace, Stuart Little.

A Typography of Mice.jpg

Embodying a Photographer 2019 - 2020

An assignment related to photography. Create eight photographs in the same style as two known photographers of choice. I chose for Edward Ruscha and Daido Moriyama.

Edward Ruscha

"Ed Ruscha was born on December 16, 1937 in Omaha, Nebraska. His family moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1941. In 1956, Ruscha moved to Los Angeles, where he attended Chouinard Art Institute, from which he graduated in 1960. Ruscha’s early paintings attracted notice as part of the Pop art movement of the 1960s; his art also has antecedents in Dada, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism, and would be central to Conceptual art. His work includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, artist’s books, and films, and is in the collections of major national and international museums. Ruscha lives and works in Los Angeles. He is represented by Gagosian Gallery."

Source: Edward J. Ruscha IV. (2010). ABOUT ED RUSCHA. Consulted on 6/12/19 via https://edruscha.com/about-ed-ruscha/

Reasoning: I chose for Edward Ruscha because i like the way he portrays daily buildings in a unique and interesting way. He has a very gray and unique palette that you don't see very often. I mostly continued by using his color palette. Here are the results.

CadavreExquis4.jpgLeroy Goorts - CadavreExquis2.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 3.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 4.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 5.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 6.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 7.jpgLeroy Goorts - Edward Ruscha 8.jpg

Daido Moriyama

"Daido Moriyama is a Japanese street photographer best known for his confrontational, black-and-white images depicting the contrast of traditional values and modern society in postwar Japan. Notable for his rejection of technical precision in favor of the grainy and high-contrast images produced by a compact camera, the artist captures a diaristic experience of wandering city streets. “The city has everything: comedy, tragedy, eulogy, eroticism,” he has remarked. “It is the ideal setting, the place where people’s desires are interwoven. It has remained and will always remain my natural element.” Born on October 10, 1938 in Osaka, Japan, Moriyama studied graphic design before taking lessons with photographer Takeji Iwamiya. Moving to Tokyo in 1961, he worked as an assistant to the experimental filmmaker and photographer Eiko Hosoe, and began producing and publishing his own collections of street photography. In 1967, Moriyama was awarded the New Artist Award from the Japan Photo-Critics Association. In 2016, Moriyama was the subject of the exhibition “In Color,” held at the Galleria Franca Sozzani in Milan, bringing together his lesser-known color photographs from the 1960s to the 1980s. He continues to lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Today, the artist’s works are held in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Fotomuseum Wintherthur in Switzerland, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, among others."

Source: Artnet Worldwide Corporation. (2019). Daido Moriyama (Japanese, born 1938). Consulted on 7/12/19 via http://www.artnet.com/artists/daido-moriyama/

Reasoning: I chose Daido Moriyama as my second photographer because I'm interested in his background and the unnerving and macabre feel of his work. His photographs embody a very high contrast of light and dark, which I find highly appealing. For my photographs I used his highly contrasted and macabre style, here are the results.

Leroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 1.jpgLeroy Goorts - Cadavre Exquis.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 3.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 4.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 5.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 6.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 7.jpgLeroy Goorts - Daido Moriyama 8.jpg

Editing & Creating a Movie Trailer 2019 - 2020

This assignment is exactly what it says in the title, creating your own movie trailer. I got this assignment by following the class Editing & Film. The other junior colleagues and I pulled two separate movie genres out of a hat. We needed to create a trailer by combining the two genres. I finally ended up with Adventure & Drama.

The Tale of Watches, Sand & Violence

After some brainstorming, I decided to start by choosing two main actors I would work around. These two figures ended up being Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Walken. After that it was going to YouTube and finding videos that matched the vibe I was going for. Then finally picking, splicing and editing them all together. Meanwhile, I searched for a music theme to go along with the trailer. Finally i ended up with a trailer, and a title to go along with it. "The Tale of Watches, Sand & Violence". Here is a short summary of the story the movie would be about. Daniel's (DiCaprio's) father had one of the watches, the location of the second one is unknown. The watch that first belonged to his father, is given to him by his father's best friend, Everett (Walken). Everett came back from a war where Daniel's father died by an unknown and covered up cause. These two watches are the key to a bunker in the desert, that was built during the Second World War. A location that contains secrets about bizarre experiments, experiments that may have started up again. Maybe these experiments are the real reason for Daniel's father passing away. This story is about Daniel and Everett and their quest, their search to find the second watch. The watch that will hopefully give them the answers, about the death of Daniel's father. Below is a link that will take you to the trailer.

The Tale of Watches, Sand & Violence - Leroy Goorts.jpg
Link: https://vimeo.com/379497174

Design a Book Cover 2018 - 2019

The assignment: Create your own book cover for a book from a specific list to choose from. Personally, i quite enjoy reading a good book so this assignment sounded like a lot of fun to me. Sadly, we had to choose from a specific list which only involved books from Dutch authors. The books I read are always in English, because I like to read the writer's original words and also because I think that the English language is an excellent storytelling medium, much more so than the Dutch language ever could be.

De Waren by Daniël Rovers

In the end, I decided to go for a book called 'De Waren'. The book sounded interesting when i looked at the title, I thought it was going to be an action-adventure story involving a person protecting cargo but in the end, it turned out to be about a run of the mill love story. Awesome. Oh well, the choice was made, and here are two of the end results. The first being a photographic cover and the second being an illustrative cover.

Photographic Cover - De Waren -- Leroy Goorts.pngIllustrative Cover - De Waren -- Leroy Goorts.png

A Variety of Photography 2018 - 2019

This segment will feature two different assignments for my photography class. The first being pictures that were taken, involving a mirror being placed into the shot to give the work an extra layer. The second assignment was to purposefully angle your shot at a "wrong" angle, so you couldn't catch the full picture.

Placing a Reflection

For this assignment I mainly photographed some of my animals and the outdoors. I enjoyed making these pictures quite a lot because it made the photography assignment more playful and interesting. It made you look at certain things differently. Here are the results.

Out of Bounds

For this second assignment, I went out into the city to do some street photography. This was an interesting experience because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. I feel like I made some good shots during this assignment because i felt some feelings/emotions connected to these photographs, but that's not truly up for me to decide. Here are the results.

An Interactive Flowchart 2018 - 2019

For this assignment, we needed to create a creative flowchart for our interactives class. This flowchart needed to have multiple ways for it to continue, so you could go through it multiple times. I chose to go quite text-heavy with this work.

A Stroll Into Aokigahara Forest

My inspiration for this work came from the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. This Japanese forest is more well-known as the Suicide Forest. A lot of people from the Japanese population go to this very forest to take their own life, when the struggles of life get too much to handle. There are multiple signs surrounding this forest, telling people that life is worth living, to think of their families, and so forth. People who go to explore this forest with their friends, end up finding a lot of tents, litter and ropes bound around trees left by others who were in this forest before them, possibly living out their last days there. There are a bunch of reports from people that visited the forest, about how they felt other presences there, some evil or even demonic. Now, I don't want to get too deep into all that, but I'm sure it did set the mood for you a little bit. I chose to create a macabre 'choose your own path' story surrounding a small group of friends that visit the Aokigahara Forest at night, but they'll soon find out that a little visit, can have big consequences. What path will you take? Here is the end result.

A walk into the Macabre Aokigahara Forest - Leroy Goorts.jpg

Personal Works & Interests

Homemade Memes

I was thinking about what I could possibly put into my Personal Interests section. After pondering for a while I finally decided "Screw it, I'll post some of my memes". Now, the reason I feel like this does belong here on ArtValvas, is for the simple reason that I personally believe that memes are in a way, an art form. Now, it's not a very serious form of art but it's art nonetheless. You need to find a good combination of text and image, need to make it so that it can be relatable in a way or just to plainly make it funny, even when humor is a very subjective thing. I also feel like you're showing a bit of your private self when creating a meme like this. A friend of mine and I enjoy making memes about Flemish kids/teen shows by taking screenshots of these shows and then putting a simple text over the image. Most of the memes are from "Samson en Gert", "Kabouter Plop", "Piet Piraat", "Het Huis Anubis" and so on. It's taking something really child-friendly and easy and turning it into this idiotic meme that really does it for me. So without further ado, here are the memes.

Vloamsche Meme 1 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 2 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 3 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 4 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 5 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 6 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 28 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 8 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 9 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 10 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 11 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 12 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 13 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 14 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 15 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 16 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 17 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 18 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 19 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 20 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 21 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 22 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 23 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 24 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 25 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 26 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 27 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 29 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 30 - Leroy Goorts.jpgVloamsche Meme 31 - Leroy Goorts.jpg

Workshop Semiotiek 06.12.19: Cadavre Exquis

This is a collaboration with other creators from different artistic paths, in the hope of getting more familiarised with their work environment... Let's call it an artistic social experiment. Or something like that.

Leroy Goorts CadavreExquis1.jpgLeroy Goorts - Cadavre Exquis.jpg
Cleo Reniers CadavreExquis 2.jpg Cleo Reniers CadavreExquis 2 exposed.jpg
Myrthe Lefevre CadavreExquis 3.jpg
Jornick Pellizzari CadavreExquis 4.jpg Jornick Pellizzari CadavreExquis 4 Volledig.jpg
Leroy Goorts CadavreExquis6.jpgCollage Project.jpg

Workshop Semiotiek 20.12.19: Winterland

English: For this workshop, Cas Doggen and I looked at the things that most people overlook, The trash that Winterland leaves behind. This trash comes from the stands, but also from the visitors. The eye gets pulled semiotically to the other signs of the Christmas Market. The typography, the lights, the music, and so on. Everything pulls the eye upwards, but this time, we decided to look down. We looked for all the garbage we could find that was related to Winterland. These could be objects lost by visitors but also, garbage clearly left by stalls. Eventually, we created an inventory and called it 'Hiemis Inventarium'. Or in other words, The Inventory of Winter. Below is the end result.

Nederlands: Voor deze workshop hebben Cas Doggen en ik een gekeken waarnaar de meeste mensen nooit zouden kijken, naar het afval wat Winterland nalaat. Dit vuilnis komt van de standjes, zowel als de bezoekers. Het oog word eerder semiotisch getrokken naar de tekens van de kerstmarkt. De typografie, de lichten, de muziek en noem zo maar op. Alles trekt het oog naar boven, maar wij, kijken deze keer naar onder. We zochten al het afval wat we konden vinden dat gerelateerd was aan Winterland. Dit waren zowel verloren objecten als duidelijke vuilnisresten. We hebben uiteindelijk een inventaris gecreëerd, en deze 'Hiemis Inventarium' genoemd, oftewel, 'Inventaris van de Winter'. Hieronder is het resultaat.

End Result - Hiemis Inventarium.png